Best Friendship Messages and Text SMS for WhatsApp in Hindi & English

We have collected the Best Friendship SMS for you. We have compressed all type of Friendship Messages like Friendship Whatsapp Status, cute friendship messages and friendship images with messages that you can share with your friends online using Whatsapp and Facebook.

Searching for friendship day messages in English to send your friends? Get some good Friendship Messages in English and Hindi. Find Urdu Friendship SMS Collection along with English and Roman Friendship SMS. Find 2017 largest collection of Friendship messages for WhatsApp, Friendship SMS Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in English, heart touching messages in Malayalam, cute Friendship wallpapers with messages and more.

Best Friendship Messages and Text SMS for WhatsApp in Hindi & English

Make your friends feel special by sending one of this beautiful Friendship & Friendship SMS, lovely Friendship SMS for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Friendship is a special gift
And reflects the Father’s love
When our buddy walks by our side,
The path is not so tough
For God created friendship
To be treasured through the years,
Because ups and downs, tears and laughter,
Strengthens the bond that’s shared.

I pray a special blessing
Upon your life today
That God will bless you abundantly
In every little way
For you have been to me
A blessing from the Lord,
A special friend I needed
And whom I was praying for.

Alright, have a great weekend, see you Monday.”

“Yup, you too… hey wait, what are you up to tonight, anyway?”

“Oh, not much, really. Maybe heading into the city with friends.”

“Cool, we’ll be down there too. Thinking dinner, maybe drinks.”

“Oh yeah? Here, add my number to your phone.”

“Perfect, I’ll text you later then… see where you’re at.”

Best friends message for Facebook And WhatsApp

Some friends are like a Flower.
and when they finally bloom they wilt away
in just one day

Some friends are like a cloudy day
and when the sun’s in sight.
it gets blocked by the grayest cloud

Humari Galtiyo Se Kahi Tut Na Jana,
Humari Shrarat Se Kahi Ruth Na Jana,
Tumhari Dosti Hi Humari Zindagi He,
Is Pyare Se Bandhan Ko Bhul Na Jana.
nice messages for friends

To live a life i need a heartbeat,
2 have a heartbeat i need a heart,
2 have a heart i need happiness,
2 have happiness i need a friend
4 a friend i need U!

You are like a drop of water bringing life,
To my dried up lonely desert.
Beautiful gradients of colors dark and light,
Sunlight mixed with soft rainy weather.
I admire you,
I wish you happiness with no end.
I want to be close to you and always be your friend.

Happiness will kill hungry,
Sadness will kill peace,
Faith will kill enemy,
Friends will kill your stress.

We met a few years ago.
Our friendship has grown stronger than ever.
We’re still friends now.
And will be best friends forever!

When the life is down and it’s dark all around,
There comes a star that’s not too far,
That star is you my friend.
Stay with me forever.
Friendship Day Messages Image

Friends like you don’t come around often.
They’re pretty hard to find.
I would do anything to keep you close to me.
Because you are so sweet, loving and kind.

A circle is round, it has no ends, that is how long I want to be your friend.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

A friend is sweet when its new….but it is sweeter when its TRUE! But u know what? Its sweetest when its you.

A friend is one of the best things you can be and the greatest things you can have. Friendship Day Messages In Hindi

A real friend is one that walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

A true friend is someone who never gets tried of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again.

A true friend is someone who is there for you when they would rather be somewhere else.

Friends are like stars, they come and they go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.

Friendship is a Rainbow between, Two hearts, sharing seven feelings: love, happiness, truth, faith, secret, trust, and sadness.

Friendship is sweet when it is new, sweeter when it is true, but sweetest when it is you.

Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel all alone, you are not.

If I could pull down the rainbow I would write your name with it and put it back in the sky to let everybody know how colorful my life is with a friend like you.

If you die before me, and you are at those pearly gates, ask if you can bring a friend.

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.

It takes half our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you and wish to spend the rest keeping you.

Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping but it came back early! So I asked it why? It said that angels don’t watch over other angels.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart.

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart. Friendship Request Messages

Strangers think I am quiet, my friends think I am outgoing, my best friends know that I am completely insane.

Ishq aur dosti meri jindgi ka guman hai..
Ishq meri ruh hai to dosti mera iman hai..
Ishq pe kardu fida saari zindgi..
Magar dosti pe mera ishq kurban hai

Dosti insan ki zaroorat hai,
Dilon pe dosti ki huqumat hai,
Aap ke pyar ki wajah se zinda hain warna
Khuda ko bhi hamari zaroorat hai.

Apki Kanjusi Dil Ko Bha Gai
Hamain Bhi Apne Fone K Balance Ki Keemat Samajh Aa Gai
Socha Ab Apko Message Na Karein
Magar Ye Kambakht Dosti Hamain Yaad aa Gai
friendship images with messages

Gadha jo khaye wo ghas ho tum,
Buddhe ka chyawanprash ho tum,
idiot, stupid bakwas ho tum,
par jo bhi ho yar Dost jhakas ho tum.

There’s nothing in the world that can compare to the stomachaches you get from laughing too hard with your best friends.

Kisi k wady par zindgi tabah kar baithy
Dewangi mein ye kesa gunah kar baithy
Ek chand ki arzo k liye hum
Apni hasen raton ko fanah kar baithay..

When clouds break rain falls.
When coconut break water falls.
when love break tears falls
when friendship break life falls
so never break friendship.

Trust Is Like A Mirror Once
You Break It You Can
Never Look At It The Same Again…!!!

Kabhi na aya woh mere saath chal k ,
Hamesha gaya mujy naraz kar k ,
Mout par meri agar woh aya to keh dena k ,
Abhi abhi soya hai tumhy yaad kar k.

Never play with feelings of others becoz u may win the game
But u’ll surely loZe t person 4r ever..!!

friendship messages for girlfriend

A Broken Trust
Can B Described As
Melted Chocolate
No Matter How Hard u
Try 2 Freeze It,
It Will Never Returns To
Its True Shape . . . =/

True friends are like Diamonds
… they are real and rare. False friends are like leaves…
they are scattered everywhere….

Thanks for removing the word EXPECTATION and adding the world HAPPINESS to the dictionary of our friendship.

I would rather thank you time and again for being a wonderful friend in every way, than belittle our friendship by saying thanks only once a year on Friendship’s Day. Thank you.

Thank you for being by my side not just when success makes me a haughty snob, but also when failure makes be a lousy slob. xoxo

Tear’s of eyes r valuable.,……….
Speech of lips r powerfull…………
Heart with love is beautifull……………
Life with frnd like u………… the most
cute friendship wallpapers with messages

Dooriyon say fark padhta nahi hai
Baatain to dilon ki nazdikiyon say hoti hai
Dost to kuch khaas aap jaisay hotay hain
Warna mulaqat tu najaney kitnon say hoti hai

Dosti har chehre ki muskaan hoti hai,
dosti sukh – dukh ki pehchaan hoti hai,
koi rooth jaye to dil pe mat lena,
kyunki dosti zara si nadaan bhi hoti hai.

Duniya Me Bohut Gam Milege
Sach Mano Achhe Dost Kam Milege
Jish Mod Sab Shath Chhod Dege
Us Mod Per Intjaar Karte Hum Milege !

Think twice before calling someone your friend. But if it happened, never think twice whether to call this person your friend in public. Friendship never tolerates ambiguity and distortions – it needs to be clear.

If you want to have a perfect friend, you also have to be perfect. But nobody’s perfect, that’s why we have to accept and learn to love all the drawbacks of our dear friends.

Friends are not things. We mustn’t choose them, trade them, lose them… Friends are living beings who must be very close and dear to our hearts, that’s why we should love, appreciate and take care of them.

Aaj dosti par ek kitaab likhenge
Doston k sath gujri har baat likhenge
jab batana ho dost kaisa hota hain
tumhe soch kar har baat likhenge

Har Koyi Pyar Ke Liye Tarapta Hai…
Har Koyi Pyar Ke Liye Rota Hai….
Meri baat Ko Galat Mat Samajh Na….
Pyar To Dosti Mein Bhi Hota Hai

Friendship images with messages

funny Friendship messages

Friendship images with messages

funny Friendship messages

Friendship day messages in English

  • I’m praying that our friendship will never come to an end. I’m wishing that it will last until you can see an apple in an orange tree on the 30th day of February.nice messages for friends
  • An empty stomach needs food, an empty brain needs knowledge, an empty house needs a family, and an empty heart needs love. But then, an empty life needs a friend, thanks for filling in.
  • Friends are like mornings, you can’t have them the whole day, but you can be sure they will be there when you wakeup tomorrow, next week, next year, forever.
  • The morning is just a few moments away. Go to sleep and when you wake up, remember me as a friend who is always there for you and will never let you down.
  • Before I got in touch with you, I used to gaze at stars as they were only my friends. But after I met you, I started believing that stars do fall on Earth.
  • You, my friend are always welcome. Early in the morning or late at night. Time is of no importance when it concerns real friendship.
  • My life is a house where my heart lives in with a door that will always be open for you.
  • Keep me as a friend and I will keep you in my heart and lock it up. I’ll throw away the key so that no one can take you away from me.
  • A true friend is not like the rain which pours & goes away. A true friend is like the air. Sometimes silent but always around you. I feel blessed to have you as such a friend.

  • The sun is glazing, upon the sunlight I see the path of our friendship shining brightly knowing that it is so great to have a friend like YOU!Friendship day images messages
  • Promise me we are true friends. You are the roof, I am the ground. You are the floor, I am the tiles. You are the sun, I am the rays. I am the tree, you are the monkey.
  • True bonding is not measured by the time spent together or the favors done for each other but by the comfort you find when you realized that you care for each other.
  • God gave us 86,400 valuable seconds each day. May I use a few seconds to say thanks for giving me the gift of knowing someone like you.
  • God puts certain person in our lives for a reason, and whatever God had in mind for bringing you into mine, I don’t really mind. I’m just thankful He did!
  • Shores never meet yet share the same sand, the moon and the sun couldn’t be one yet cross the same sky. Just like friends who don’t meet often but never stop being friends.
  • I’m proud of myself because I was given a chance to meet someone like you. Whatever happens, I’ll always treasure you because I know, I’ll never have another friend like you.heart touching.
  • I love you Images

Friendship is too precious to be celebrated with an amazing friendship day messages in english. Make every day count and keep sending best friends message to your besties with cute texts, tweets, and posts on Facebook. Hope you liked this collection on friendship day messages in english and cute friendship messages.

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