I Am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend For Apologize

Sorry is the only word you will see in my texts, email, Facebook status updates, tweets and Snapchat messages until you decide to forgive someone. Here we are going to post some of the most popular Sorry messages for the girlfriend. If you don’t know how to apologize for someone then here are some best ways to Apologize to your partner by writing a short I am sorry message sorry messages for girlfriend/boyfriend.

If you have a fight with your besties and now you want to Apologize with use these Sweet sorry messages. Never let your stupid ego get in the way of apologizing to your friends. Friendships are too precious and don’t let yours become just another memory. Use this Sorry for my mistake messages Sorry messages for not attending birthday party to share or Apologize online.

Never be the reason for your girl’s tears. And if you have done something stupid, man up and say sorry to her with these sweetest I Am Sorry Messages. If you are looking for ways to Apologize to him? Sweet handwritten notes, Facebook posts, cute tweets, hugs, greeting cards, and text.

I Am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend: Apology Quotes for Her

Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.

I know I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me. Let’s give our love
another chance and I will be the right guy for you.

My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you. Please
plug the holes with your forgiveness. I am sorry.
Angrily is ugly; forgiveness is sexiness. Forgive me, please?

I’ve been a fool, and I know that ain’t cool. I’m so sorry my love. Hoping your push won’t turn to shove. Forgive me, please.

With a bruised heart and a deflated ego, with sad soul and a head hung
low. I apologize to you unconditionally, baby I am really very sorry. I love you.

Sorry messages for wife

Hurting you is last thing I’d do, I did not mean to my love. I am so sorry. I need you back in my life. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I overlooked your happiness in an attempt to make myself happy, only to realize that my happiness lies in yours. I am sorry, please forgive me.

I trust fate and I believe in love, which is why I know you’ll accept my apology. I’m sorry.

I want you to know that I am sorry. It was all me to blame. I love you and I will be true to you forever. Please forgive me.

If I could, I would take back all the things I did to hurt you. But since I can’t, please make do with my apologies.

If you leave me to myself, I would self-destruct. But if you accept my apology, I would be born again.

I’m heartbroken and I feel very bad for lying to you. I know I will never be able to make it up to you. But at least let me try by accepting my apology. I am sorry sweetheart, I will never lie to you. Ever.

Love is a four letter word and sorry is five, but when they walk hand in hand, they make a relationship shine.

Our life is like a flower in spring. If you leave, you’ll take away the essence! Come back and let’s be together again.

Our relationship is important to me and here comes a sorry for you to forgive me and forget what I said.

I promise I’ll think before I speak from next time. You know I did not mean any of the things I said to you yesterday, don’t you? I need you in my life and I’m very sorry about last night.

I have shown you what an idiot I can be by making that mistake. Now it is
your turn to show me what a darling you can be by giving your anger a break. I am sorry.

Sorry messages for husband

I am not saying sorry just because I understand the difference between right and wrong. I am saying sorry also because our relationship is more important to me than my ego. I love you.

Regret, heartbreak and sadness, have stolen my life’s happiness. I am sorry for letting you down, but I promise to erase your frowns. xoxo

I miss you so bad. It was wrong of me to hurt you that way and I am really sorry. Forgive me love, and I’ll show you how much I care.
Sorry is the only word you will see in my texts, Facebook updates, tweets and pins… until you forgive me. xoxo

I am not perfect but I’m still me. The same guy who holds you in his arms because you’re all that matter to him. I’m sorry.

I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. In a relationship, it’s normal to encounter some misunderstandings but in my part, it’s me who wants to ask for an apology. I’m sorry and I will not hurt you again.
I love you!

SMS to say sorry for girlfriend

I know you’re angry but I want you to think about all the beautiful memories, that have made us believe that we’re meant to be. I am sorry.

I am sorry for all the mistakes and hurts that I’ve caused you. I love you dear from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I promise I will never be untrue to you

I am sorry for making you lose your temper. But to be honest, you look boiling hot when your temper boils over.

Know I’ve hurt u…
I didn’t mean to.
I m soooo sorry…
Plz forgive me!

sorry message for hurting

Is qadar hamari chahat ka imtihan mat lijiye,
Kyu ho khafa ye bayan to kijiye,
Kar dijiye maaf agar ho gai hai koi khata,
Yun yaad na kar ke saza to na dijiye..!

Kaise bhulda doon us ko main
Mout insanon ko aati hai yadon ko nahin…

Ironic it is, that my regret and heartbreak – is now coming across as fake.

I am sorry – if you accept my apology we can move on from being angry and get on to being naughty.

I am so sorry for doubting my boyfriend for cheating on me. But the problem is that he is hotter than fire and sweeter than honey.

When other girls swoon over him I am swamped with jealousy. But now I promise that extremely possessive, I will never be

Our fight last night was a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I am LEARNING from the mistakes I have made, and I am EXPERIENCING regret because of the things I said. I am sorry.

Forgive me quickly, otherwise we will keep fighting and some other couple will claim the title of being ‘The happiest pair in the world’. I am sorry baby.

My dear husband I am guilty on my work please accept my apology because I love you so I am here to say you sorry!

Please consider my mistake as a small pothole in the beautiful freeway of our married lives. I promise to fix it so we can cruise along again. I am sorry.

I am the reason for all the severe headaches you had today. I promise to be your Aspirin and drive all the pain away. I am sorry.

Effective Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Here is latest collection of sorry quotes, I am so sorry messages, text message to say – I am so sorry for wife, husband, sorry sms in hindi for husband, boyfriend, friend and Sorry for my mistake messages. I Am Sorry Sms in Hindi & English on Love & Friendship, Feeling Sorry Shayari for Girlfriend & Boyfriend on Pyar. There are few better ways to apologize to your partner than to write a short ‘I am sorry’ message and share on WhatsApp and Facebook Online.

  • I wanted you to say no one more time then it would have stopped, he wrote.
  • The court heard he sent the victim, 20, a sad face emoji and said he felt bad but that she should focus on the good.
  • The victim says the attack happened in May last year when she invited Falconer to her home where she lived with her parents.
  • Her lawyer told jurours she made it perfectly clear that she did not want it to happen.
  • After the alleged assault, the court heard the woman Googled: was I just raped.
  • She told the jury she was confused because she hadn’t been screaming or crying.
  • But Falconer has pleaded not guilty to the rape charge.
  • The court heard the pair had been friends.
  • Falconer would on occasion send the woman suggestive messages. Sometimes she would engage in the flirting, but other times dismiss him.
  • The woman went to the police two days later and Falconer was arrested and interviewed
  • When the victim replied she was going to the police, Falconer defended his actions claiming the pair touched each other.
  • But the 20—year-old hit back. Sorry Message For Hurting
Sorry Messages

Sorry Messages

  • Don’t even f****** dare blame me, she replied.
  • In court Prosecutor, Jonathan Sharp said the exchange of messages was a clear and comprehensive admission of guilt.
  • I blame myself for the pain I have caused you and I am ready to do whatever it takes to fix things between us. Until you forgive me and let me take you back in my arms, I will keep creating a massive but cute fuss. I am sorry.
  • Whatsapp Status Love
  • I know it will be very hard for you to forgive me. But I want you to look into my eyes to see that I am truly sorry. I love you.
  • There is nothing more left in my body which my eyes can use to produce tears. Can you please forgive me now, dear? I am sorry.
  • I feel so terrible for all my wrongs. I came saying sorry. Please forgive me and let it go my dear.
  • Imagine a cute kitty purring away with her paws joined and her big eyes looking at you innocently. If you have already gone weak in the knees, imagine me in place of that kitty saying sorry.
  • I know that my lies have damaged our relationship beyond repair. But I want you to know that I still care. Sorry Messages In Marathi
  • I wish I had that neuralyzer which Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones use in the movie Men in Black to erase someone’s memory. Then I could erase all the horrible things I did to hurt you. Sorry.
  • I know that I don’t look handsome when I wear anger on my face. Sorry for looking so ugly the other day. I love you.
  • If I had a time machine, you wouldn’t be reading this message right now because I would have gone back in time and undone the hurt I caused you. I regret my actions badly and I am very sorry. I love you.

Good I’m Sorry Messages for all occasions

  • Can you ever forgive me?
  • How can I begin to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I hope that you can forgive me.
  • I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you.
  • I am sorry I disappointed you.
  • I blew it. Please give me another chance.
  • I hate fighting, and I’m sorry for my part of this one! Please forgive me.
  • I hope you consider trying to forgive me.
  • I hurt you, but I didn’t mean to… Please forgive me!

I’m Sorry Messages for Husband

  • I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for hurting you, and if you have it in your heart to forgive me, I want us to start anew.
  • I know I have [HURT YOU/YOUR FEELINGS] – please accept my sincerest apologies.
  • I may not be perfect, but my apology is close
  • I messed up! I’m so sorry!
  • I sometimes say things I don’t mean, please forgive me.
  • I wish I could turn back time and make things right. Please accept my humble apology.
  • I would hate for our friendship to be lost. Please forgive me.
  • I wouldn’t have made a mistake with my mouth shut
  • I’m really, really, really sorry.
  • Crush Status
  • I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings – I take back my words! Hope you’ll forgive me!
  • I’m sorry, I hope that you can forgive me.
  • If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t.
  • I’ll never forgive myself…but I’m hoping you will. I’m sorry
  • I’m sincerely sorry.
  • I’m so sorry, please forgive me.
  • I’m soooooooooooo sorry. Please forgive me.
  • I’m sorry. I’ll never forgive myself… but I’m hoping you will.
  • I’m very, very, very sorry.
  • I’m wrong – you’re right
  • It was all my fault, please accept my apology.

Sorry messages for love

I’m sorry for being such a pain.

It breaks my heart to see you sad.

I’m the only one responsible for all the bickering we’ve gone through in the last few days. I’m sorry.

I hope I can make the rest of the week better.

I don’t know how to apologize to you after all the outbursts, shouting, and screaming.

All I ask of you is to forget the last few months and look at them as a small bump in our otherwise blissful life as husband and wife. I’m sorry.

So I’m sooo SORRY for everything I’ve done, so all i have to say is that I love you and I’m so sooo sorry hun.

What I really want to say is that I’m sorry, I know that you didn’t deserve to be hurt like that, and I know that you will find someone who will love you and treat you right, they will make you happy and that person won’t hurt you like I did.

So I’m sooo SORRY for everything I’ve done, so all i have to say is that I love you and I’m so sooo sorry hun. 🙁

Sorry Messages for Classmates

  • Dear classmate, I am much sorry for the mistake I have done and apologize for the same. With a huge loving heart you have, I hope you would forgive me soon.
  • Through this text, I say sorry to my cute classmate. The action occurred was entirely not to cause any hurt to you, however, I apologize if I have hurt you emotionally in any way.
  • This text carries my sorry wishes for my loving best classmate. I am much ashamed to have hurt you and I send gifts to please you and hope you forgive me soon.
  • Loving gifts and sorry wishes for my classmate on his birthday. I would look forward to your forgiveness for me on what happened yesterday to make our friendship much stronger.
  • To my sweet classmate, I am sorry for hurting you yesterday. I was much baffled and ashamed at my action and seek forgiveness from you for the wrongdoing.
  • Sorry wishes for my dear classmate for hurting you with harsh words. I apologize with love in my heart for you and hope you will forgive with all your love.
  • A good apology has three parts: 1. I`m sorry. 2. It`s my fault. 3. What can I do to make it right?
  • You can say sorry in over 1000 ways. Only when it comes from the heart,d oes it matter.
  • Don’t say sorry for something you are planning on repeating later.
  • I feel bad, for making you sad. I feel guilty, for making you feel iffy. I am sorry.
  • Grab a chance and you won’t be sorry for a might have been. I’m sorry.
  • I am sorry for the pain I caused you, I feel so bad.
  • Words Will Not Be Able To Ever Express, How Sorry I am For This!
  • Sorry May Have Become Just Another Word, But With tears, It Means The World.
  • I wish I could be what you want, but I can’t and I’m sorry.

Sorry messages in Hindi

Khwaab na khabhi tute, kabhi dil bhi na tute,
Aap bhi kabhi hamse na ruthe,
Humari Baat or saath na chhute,
Par abhi Hamare beech ka ye faslaa to tute..

Wo Mera Dost Jo Khuda Jaisa Lagta Hai,
Dil ke Paas Hai par Phir Bhi Judaa Sa kyu Lagta Hai,
Kaafi Dino Se Aaya Nahi koi Paigam Uska,
Shayad koi Baat Pe Humse Khafaa Sa Lagta Hai..

Bahut hi udas hai koi Shakhs Tere jane se,
Ho sake to Lout ke aja koi Bahane se,
Bhale Tu Lakh khafaa Ho par ek bar to dekh le,
Koi Bikhar gaya hai Tere Rooth jane se..sorry shayari in hindi for friends

Rishton me Duriyaa to aati-jaati rehti hai,
Phir bhi Dosti Dilon ko mila deti hai,
Wo Dosti hi kya Jisme Narazgi na ho,
Par Sachchi Dosti Dosto ko Mana hi leti hai..

Agar Tum Ko Hum Pe Gussa Hai Toh Ghantaghar Tod Do Ring Road Mod Do Sahid Gate Fod Do Titanic Ko Fevicol Se Jod Do Magar Mujhe Aise Sms Karna Mat Chod Do

Hmse Koi Gila Ho Jye To Maaf Krna Yaad Na Kr Paye To Maaf Krna Dil Se To Hm Aapko Kabi Bhulte Nahi Per Yeh Dil Hi Ruk Jaaye To Maaf Karna

A Teacher Asked: What Is Forgiveness? A Little Girl Gave Dis Lovly Reply: It’s Da Wonderful Smell Dat A Flower Gives When It Is Being Crushed My Life.

Dil kay dard chupana kitna mushkil hota hai,
Toot kay phir muskurana kitna mushkil hota hai,
Door jab chaloo kisi kay saath to phir,
Tanha laut kay ana kitna mushkil hota h. sorry sms for friend

Aj uski yaad ne tarpaya bht.
Aj na chahty huay b vo yaad aya buhat,
Wo mera tha,
Mera hai,
Mera rahega,
Hm ne is khayal se khud ko behlaya bht

Begano se dosti ki gunjais nahi hoti,
Mout ke badh koi khavaish nahi hoti.
Saayad koi pyaar bhara dil tuta hoga,
Warna november ke mahine mein barish nahi hoti.
I am sorry!!!

Bhool se koi bhool hui to
Bhool samajh kar bhool jana.
Aur bhoolna sirf bhool ko,
Bhool se bhi hame na bhulana

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